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Administering Medications to Students

Board Policy 210

Pennsylvania State Law governs the administration of all medications, including over- the-counter medications.  The law forbids a nurse to administer any medication without a licensed prescriber’s written order and signed permission by the parent or guardian.  The Plum Borough School District recognizes that when students’ health needs make it necessary for medication to be taken during school hours, certain procedures must be followed.

Obtain from your School Nurse or Download from the District Website:

  1. Authorization for Medication to be Given at School form.    

  1. Written Order from a Licensed Prescriber - Prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, nutritional supplements, or herbal supplements will not be administered without providing the school with a written order from a licensed prescriber.  The pharmacy label does not suffice as this written order.

  2. Written Parent Permission - The school must be supplied with written parent or guardian permission in order to have any medications given at school.  

** If the order is for an Inhaler or Epinephrine Injector parent must also complete and submit the corresponding forms: Board Policy 210.1

check mark,check marks,OK,symbols,tick mark,tick marks,ticksSelf-Administration of Asthma Inhalers     check mark,check marks,OK,symbols,tick mark,tick marks,ticksSelf-Administration of Epinephrine Injector

check mark,check marks,OK,symbols,tick mark,tick marks,ticksStudent Asthma Action Plan    check mark,check marks,OK,symbols,tick mark,tick marks,ticksInformation for Student w/Severe Allergy

  1. Types of Medications Given at School - Only essential prescribed medications will be given at school. Pre-planning will permit most medications to be administered at home. Self-medication by students is not permitted.  Exceptions will be made for emergency medication such as an asthma inhaler or epinephrine injector. The licensed prescriber must designate in the order on file that the student is qualified and able to carry & self-administer the medication.  Another exception is for students who must wear an insulin pump, where the medication is contained inside the device.

  2. Prescription Medications – For prescription medications required at school, please request that your pharmacist supply a separate, properly labeled, pharmacy medication bottle with a safety cap.  

  3. Over-the-Counter Medications - Medications must be in the manufacturer’s original packaging, and labeled by the parent with the student’s name.   

  4. Persons Administering Medications - Medications may be administered by the nurse, if the guidelines above are met. Otherwise a parent or other adult designated by the parent such as a grandparent, etc. may come into the school to give a necessary medication until such time that an order can be obtained.

  5. Transporting Medications - Students should not carry medications to or from school.  A responsible adult should bring medications to and pick up medication from the health room.  Any medication not picked up by the end of the last day of school will be discarded unless alternate arrangements have been made with the school nurse.

  6. Yearly Medication Order - For those medications that extend from one school year to the next, a new order from the licensed prescriber and new parent permission must be provided for each school year.

  7. Noncompliance with the Above Policy - Noncompliance will result in the medication not being given at school.

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