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Robot Theater
On November 20, eighteen members of the GATE program traveled to Springdale Middle/High School with GATE sponsor, Mr. Ryan Silvis for the Robot Theater Competition.  This year’s theme was Famous Structures.  The students needed to learn how to program a working robot using a Hummingbird platform to include at least one moving part, one motion sensor, LED blinking lights, and one voice file using Audacity.  On top of all of this, they needed to combine their robotic work with an artistic diorama of the structure they were assigned.  Overall Oblock did very well.  The top two Oblock teams finished 1st and 2nd in the competition separated by a single point. The 2nd place team created the Great Barrier Reef and the members were as follows:  Rachel Bunch, Gowri Warrier, Ellie Tongel and Ava Wildow.  Members of the winning team team created a diorama of Stonehenge and those members included:  Alexis Beiter, Leila Durham, Alex George, and Addison Sofran.  The winning team members of Alexis, Leila and Addison have successfully won the competition in back-to-back years.  Congratulations students on a job well done!