Plum Connect

Plum Connect is our automated attendance and emergency notification system.

Plum Connect notifications are made as follows:

1. For weather delays and cancellations we notify individuals who have opted into our system for email or text messages.

2. For non-weather related emergencies we will generate phone calls to all numbers on file and send text and email messages.

3. Our automated attendance calls are sent only to the primary number listed in our system. These calls are made when a student is absent from school.

4. You may utilize the optional Plum Connect text message or email feature for all notifications. This is an opt-in for cell phone subscribers. Any individual may sign up for this notification. If you would like to opt-in for this service, please click the Plum Connect link at www.pbsd.k12.pa.us. You are able to modify your settings in the Plum Connect system.

If you are already subscribed and do not wish to make changes, no action is necessary. Please contact our Technology Department at 412-798-6320 should you encounter any difficulties.


Dr. Timothy S. Glasspool


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