TIPS Hotline!

If you or your child would like to report a concern, click here or you may call our TIPS number at (412)-798-TIPS. All reports are anonymous and confidential, unless you specify otherwise. As soon as a report is made, all of the appropriate school personnel will receive an instant notification, review the incident and take appropriate actions.

By working together, we can help prevent incidents from occurring and ensure the safety and security of our students.

With TIPS students and parents can report:
§ Bullying
§ Cyberbullying
§ Threats to Harm
§ Discrimination
§ Harassment
§ Theft
§ Violence
§ Drug/Alcohol Abuse
§ Self Harm
§ Weapons
§ Acts of Kindness
§ Positive Peer/Staff Reporting
§ And much more. 

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