January 2016

January 2016 Board Highlights

Oblock Junior High School

Oblock Newspaper
Oblock’s newspaper, Mustang Moments, has provided students, staff, and parents with two big issues packed with news, sports, features, and exciting photographs so far this year. This important public relations tool for the school is sponsored by AEO English/Reading teacher, Mrs. Karen Mienke, and staffed by a dedicated group of 7th and 8th graders who have an interest in writing and/or photography, as well as journalism and reporting. It functions as a positive communication tool for Oblock students, faculty, parents, and the Plum community, by recognizing the achievements and notable events of Oblock Junior High School. The newspaper is a wonderful opportunity for students who have an interest in writing to practice their skills and a great tool to highlight the people and events that make Oblock a great school. Mrs. Mienke states that the newspaper staff is a unique, hardworking group of individuals who do an excellent job of getting the Oblock news out to the students, parents, and faculty. The editors show enthusiasm for writing-both poetry and prose, and their efforts are evident in the two issues that have been circulated. The staff consists of the following: Maddie Braverman, Angel Brown, Anna Gartland, Charlotte Jones Lily Klucinec, Chloe Brown, Melanie Mienke, Mia Pampena, Gina Pivirotto, Jamyson Roman, Alexa Steinagle, Alena Surace, Erica Taylor, Lucas Wycich, Jen Taylor, Darina Reshetnyak, Jack Troy, Gemma Shook, Tyler Gallagher, Mark Glover, Melanie Schultz, Cameron Corrigan, Hailey Helpenstell, Kira Kiggins, Allison Klinsky, Taylor Rebholz, Hannah Blanford, Salima Rasheed, Brittany Franitti, and Hanna Schreiber.

Arts & Bots
On January 20, nine members of the GATE program traveled to Springdale Middle/High School with GATE sponsor, Mr. Ryan Silvis for the Arts & Bots Competition. This year’s theme was Historic Structures. The students needed to learn how to program a working robot using a Hummingbird platform. Their final work had to include one moving part, one motion sensor, LED blinking lights, and one voice file using Audacity. On top of all of this, they needed to combine their robotic work with an artistic rendering of the structure they were assigned. Competing against 15 other teams, Plum's 2 teams finished first and fourth. Members of the 4th place team included: Liza Loebig, Claire Gendron, Natalee Calfo-Carroll, Jack Troy, and Cole Kelly. Members of the winning team included: Abigail Casey, Kali Minick, Rachel Parente, and Christian Jones. Congratulations students on a job well done!

Science Bowl
On January 29th, nine 7th and 8th grade GATE students from Oblock Junior High competed in the Science Bowl 2016 at the Carnegie Science Center. Oblock participants included: Cheyenne Copeland, Lily Kluncinek, Joey Panichella, Kacie Persia, Taylor Rebholtz, Evan Smith, Erica Taylor, Jacob Trusky, and Alex Vidas. GATE students from the Plum elementary schools joined Mrs. Mienke and the Oblock GATE students.

Students participated in a variety of science-related challenges, including the creation of a balcony that was to support over 125 pennies built with minimal supplies, like straws, paper clips, and index cards. Students also competed in events like All About H2O, a Calculation Station, and Roller Coasters in the Science Center and Sports Works buildings. GATE students finished very competitively in all of the event challenges.

On January 26 at 7 pm all band students grades 4-12 will take part in Plum Borough's first ever Bandorama. The concert will feature each performing level individually as well as a grand finale featuring close to 330 Plum band students playing together.

Eighth Grade Boys’ Basketball
The AEO 8th Grade Boys’ Basketball Team, coached by Mr. Rich Mull, has had a competitive first half of the season. Members of the team include the following: Jared Hoener, Brandon Lane, Justin Mascilli, Noah Sofran, Dominic Chapkis, Tyler Kolankowski, Nicholas Flinko, Nicholas Klippel, Max Majocha, Luke Pupilli, Nicolas Sluka, Mark Glover, Matthew McKinley, and Jacob Vickroy.

Seventh Grade Boys’ Basketball
The 7th grade boys’ basketball team has performed well so far this season, under the direction of Mr. Bill Depew, AEO art teacher. To date the record is 15-0; The TEAM has made great strides throughout the season. The 7th grade has 7 games remaining with an important game coming up against Norwin. Members of the team include: Evan Azzara, Christian Brown, James Satolli, Ryan Hubner, Matthew Lewis, Mark Zarroli, William Brewer, Reed Martin, Nathan McMasters, Connor Moss, Wilbert DePew, Matthew Frazetta, Maximos Matolcsy, Alexander Mitolo, John Murphy, Ethan Kircher, and Ta'Rasi Means.

Under the direction of Coach Martin, the wrestling team has had a successful season. Members of the wrestling team include the following: Jace Dillman, Simeon Newton, Dylan Young, William Guzzi, Dyllan Geraci, Nathan Toth, Andrew Bolton, Joshua Grzybek, Nolan Williams, Denny Ayres, Omharion Kershaw, Lauren Newton, Jarrod Citrano, Logan Foster, Connor Hutchison, Dillon Nguyen, Evan Stinson, Anthony Little, Luke Wolfe, Collin Anderson, Brian Daugherty, Gavin James, Miles Tush, Dakota Bollinger, Rocco Knauss, Aidan Wetmore, Rylan Cramer, Luca Fratangelo, Michael Saikaly, and Cole Yocca.

Library News
Team Read is making great progress this year. We already have 106 in the hall of fame this year (v. 97 at this time last year) with 126 points/hours. Of those, 24 are in the 300 Point Club (v. 13) and of those 9 students in the 500 Point Club (v. only 1). A total of 105 are at the All-Star level (76 points), 246 are at the Varsity level (26 points), and 114 are at the JV level (10 points). That is 571 students at one of the levels. Great job Oblock students!

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