New Procedures for Visitors--Raptorware Scanning System

Beginning on January 22, 2013, we are implementing a visitor management system in all Plum Borough Elementary Schools. This pre-screening system was implemented at Oblock Junior High School and Plum Senior High School in September 2012.

Any individual visiting Center Elementary School during the school day must present a valid Drivers License or Pennsylvania issued identification card.
Prior to entering the building, office personnel will scan the visitor’s driver’s license or identification card conducting a background check for registered sex offenders, domestic violence abuse and other arrest records. If a potential threat is identified, instant notification is sent to administration and Plum Police. Visitors will receive a temporary photo identification badge to wear during their visit. Providing a safe learning environment continues to be our top priority, we appreciate your patience with our new system.

More system information can be found athttp://www.raptorware.com/

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