Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

The following information outlines the district policy regarding attendance. It is mandatory that all school age children attend school on a regular basis.

* A written excuse must be submitted within three days of the student returning to school or the absence is considered unexcused or unlawful.
* A maximum of 10 cumulative lawful (excused) absences verified by a note from parents is permitted.
*All excused absences beyond 10 cumulative days will require an excuse from a licensed physician

*Any student arriving after the scheduled beginning of the day must have the parent sign them in and present a written note of explanation.

*If the student is tardy due to a medical/dental appointment, a note from the physician or dentist is required.

If the above policies are not followed, the student will risk having unexcused tardies or unexcused unlawful absences on their permanent record of attendance.

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