Reflections Competition

In the fall all 7th and 8th grade students were given the opportunity to participate and compete in the Reflections contest.  Reflections is a program that is theme based and gives the students the chance to reflect with their music, art/photography or writing abilities.  The theme for this year was "Within Reach".  The students completed their entries on their own time and submitted them in October.  Many students worked hard and turned in creative products, and the results are now in. First place in the Literature category was Gowri Warrier.  In visual arts was 1st -Natalie Thompson, 2nd -Ava Shroeder, 3rd -Lucas Havans, 4th -Logan Kemmerer, and 5th -Rachel Bunce.  In the 2d Art category in 1st and 2nd place was Gowri Warrier.  In photography in 1st   place -Gowri Warrier, 2nd Place- Amelia Stezoski, 3rd place- Mark Van Orden, 4th place -Hannah Westover, and 5th place -Rachel Bunce.  First place in music was Gowri Warrier.  In the film category was Ryan Kmonk-1st, Gowri Warrier -2nd and Rachel Bunce-3rd.  Congratulations to all students for their time and hard work.

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