On November 9th, 16 GATE students traveled to Duquesne University for the annual Calcu-Solve math competition.  Calcu-Solve is a competition that tests students' abstract math knowledge and reasoning skills.  Participants team up for two rounds of group problems and then continue with an individual score for an additional 7 rounds.  Problems are centered on geometry, number theory, probability, algebraic concepts, and logical reasoning. With around 320 7th and 8th grade students participating from schools all over Allegheny County, Jeffrey Yan finished in 2nd place with 30 out of 35 points.  He correctly answered 8 out of 9 questions.  Congratulations Jeffrey on being the first Plum student to place in back-to-back years.  In the team scoring, the team consisting of Jeffery (30 points), Gowri Warrier (25 points), Rhudra Thakkar (20 points), and Ellie Tongel (8 points) took 4th place overall.  Congratulations to everyone that participated!

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