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Oblock is working hard on reading again this year as more incentives and programs challenge the students to read more than they ever have. Students are listening to excerpts from books during their lunch periods, they are already being rewarded by getting in the lunch line first when they reach the Reading Hall of Fame, and teams are preparing for the Battle of the Books competition.

Many students have already earned numerous AR points to guarantee their place in the Reading Hall of Fame as part of the library‚Äôs Team Read competition.  All students may participate in Team Read by accumulating Accelerated Reader points in order to reach one of the four levels of the program:  Junior Varsity, Varsity, All-Star, or Hall of Fame.  There are 24 at the Hall of Fame level already, including 4 in the 300 Point Club and 2 in the 500 Point Club.  There are 24 more at the All-star level, 257 at Varsity level, and 148 have made it into the JV level!

There are 30 students comprising 5 teams preparing for the annual AEO Battle of the Books.  Books from the Pennsylvania Young Readers' Choice list and Pennsylvania Book Consortium are circulating among the team members as they prepare for the first day of competition on November 1.  Teams will compete during activity periods with the winners being declared after the final competition on November 14.

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