SADD National Red Ribbon Campaign

SADD National Red Ribbon Campaign

To help provide awareness on the effects of drugs in America, the Plum Borough School District will participate in their annual National Red Ribbon Campaign™ October 23-31, 2018. Since 1985, this campaign has touched the lives of millions, committed to educating and sharing the stories of destruction and displacement caused by drug use.

To participate in the Campaign, staff members can:

  1. Donate $5 to your SADD building representative.

  2. Receive and wear your red ribbon/red ribbon sticker provided by SADD.

  3. Dress down on Friday, October 26, 2018.

All activities held at each building will be integrated and age-appropriate according to building. Proceeds will be donated to a substance abuse rehab facility determined by SADD members.

To read more on the National Red Ribbon Campaign, visit www.redribbon.org and sign the pledge to commit to a drug-free lifestyle!

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