Safety and Security Update

The Plum Borough School District is committed to maintaining a safe and secure learning environment for all students, faculty and staff. The School District has established policies and procedures that have been designed to effectively deal with an emergency incident should it occur in our School District and community. These policies and procedures have been established in cooperation with the Plum Boro Police Department, which continues to be a valuable partner in our effort to maintain a safe and secure school environment.

Parents are welcome visitors to our schools and we ask that you comply with District Policy 907 in order to maintain a safe environment for all.  In a recent review of our building procedures, we have updated our building practices to protect our students, faculty, and staff.  The following procedures are now in place for all visitors upon entering our school. Visitors must:

  • Use the main entrance upon entering the building

  • Ring the bell for admittance and respond to the personnel on duty

  • State their name and purpose for their visit

  • Sign-in, present valid photo identification (e.g. driver’s license) and obtain a pass before visiting halls or classrooms

  • Have their pass displayed at all times

  • Sign out at the security desk/main office when departing and return their visitor’s pass. 

PLEASE NOTE: Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited on Plum Borough   School District Property, including vehicles that are parked on school property.

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