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Plum Borough School District Athletics
Plum Borough School District has a long tradition of producing outstanding student-athletes who experience success well beyond their 12 years in the district. We compete in several sports at the junior high and high school levels including: football, baseball, lacrosse, rifle, softball, volleyball, wrestling, track and field, swimming, and many more. We are extremely proud of all of our student athletes and several go on to receive scholarships offers from Division I and Division II, III colleges and universities each year.
Some of our highlights from our athletics program include:
Lauren Ferragonio -Offensive Lineman, Pittsburgh Passion
Pat McAfee - Punter, Indianapolis Colt
Scott McGough - Pitcher, Miami Marlins
R.J. Umberger - Forward, Philadelphia Flyers
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Activity Transportation Information
district logo The activity buses for Oblock Junior High and the Plum Senior High School were approved by the School Board to begin again. We are targeting the beginning of next week for this service to resume and the details will be posted on our website when they are finalized. For those students who attend athletic practices/events at Boyce Park and Larry Mills Park, an activity bus will be available beginning September 7, 2018 to transport students back to their home school from practice. 
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