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School Board Member Contact

                          The Plum Borough School District School Board

Mr. Scott Coulson
School Board President
Mrs. Vicky Roessler
Safe and Supportive Schools - Committee Chair
School Board Vice-President

Dr. Angela Anderson
Student Achievement and Activities - Committee Chair
School Board Member 


Mrs. Sue Caldwell
Intergovernmental and Legislative Policy Council - Liaison
School Board Member 

Mr. Scott Kolar
Personnel - Committee Chair
School Board Member

Mr. Jim Rogers
Forbes Road CTC - Liaison
School Board Member

Mr. Steve Schlauch
Budget and Finance - Committee Chair
School Board Member


Mr. Brian Wisniewski
Policy - Liaison
School Board Treasurer


Mr. Rich Zucco
Facilities and Operations - Committee Chair
School Board Member
Ms. Charlene Payne
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/
Communications Specialist 
School Board Secretary

Please note that emails sent to School Board Members, Administrators and staff are subject to Right-To-Know  law and considered public documents. The sender’s email address may be redacted, but the sender’s name is not. More information is available at the PA Office of Open Records, visit