Bus Accident - No Students Involved
A Plum Borough School District bus was involved in an accident today near the intersection of Route 286 and Abers Creek Road. No students were on the bus at the time of the accident. Emergency personnel were called and were at the scene.
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Lisa Pace, RN                                   Pivik                               412-798-6385      412-795-1723
pacel@pbsd.k12.pa.us             Center                           412-798-6381       412-795-1650
Website                                             Regency                        412-798-6373      412-795-2923
Tina Jagodzinski, RN                          O'block Jr. High           412-798-6392      724-327-6880   
jagodzinskit@pbsd.k12.pa.us       Holiday Park                412-798-6377      412-795-2824
                                                                     St. John the Baptist     412-793-0555      412-793-4001
                                                                                                                   ext. 237
  Allyson Whitmer, RN                  Plum Senior High         412-798-6305      412-795-3527